Stories from real people practicing Sahaja as a way of life, as a method of meditation or just as a way to find some relief in this fast paced life.

At a Quiet Courtyard in Ann Arbor


Last week at one of our meetings in Ann Arbor, an attendee shared a beautiful story of how he was helped with the knowledge of meditation during a stressful time. Here it is, with the name changed to protect his identity

Gerald is a graduate student pursuing his PhD at the University of Michigan in Economics. Most days he can handle the stress and juggle the busy schedule that comes along with being a doctoral student. But Someday even a seasoned student like Gerald cannot find a way to juggle all the balls tossed up so quickly by the virtue of his student life.


Voices of Sahaja Yoga
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One thought on “Voices of Sahaja Yoga

  • January 6, 2010 at 11:36

    cool 🙂 but I gues we all know so many such nice stories that we can share them …
    thanks for sharing this one .

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