Lithuanian Sahaja Yogi wins National Film Award

the “Silver Crane 2010” award for Best Male Actor in Supporting Role

Petras acknowledges Shri Mataji in his acceptance speech.


Voices of Sahaja Yoga

Stories from real people practicing Sahaja as a way of life, as a method of meditation or just as a way to find some relief in this fast paced life.

At a Quiet Courtyard in Ann Arbor


Last week at one of our meetings in Ann Arbor, an attendee shared a beautiful story of how he was helped with the knowledge of meditation during a stressful time. Here it is, with the name changed to protect his identity

Gerald is a graduate student pursuing his PhD at the University of Michigan in Economics. Most days he can handle the stress and juggle the busy schedule that comes along with being a doctoral student. But Someday even a seasoned student like Gerald cannot find a way to juggle all the balls tossed up so quickly by the virtue of his student life.