Spontaneous Meditation! Try It Here & Now

2473807783_11c1324ce4Are you feeling a little restless, stressed out, not quite at peace? Or are you tired, irritated, depressed, as if you’re looking for something but don’t know quite what? Would you like to try to meditate? Yes, meditate, slam dunk in the middle of your chaotic day. You can feel more relaxed, less angry, more serene, less impatient with yourself and the world. I can teach you to meditate right here, free of cost! It’s free because pure spirituality is beyond money, it’s priceless! How much can you pay to breathe air? Similarly, meditation is also your birthright. No prior experience is required to meditate today. You “come as you are”!

A simple technique that I know, can bring you in the “Now”- the present moment. How? Impossible, you say? Well, see your yourself! Open your mind to objective ideas, like a scientist. In my experience, it is totally possible to get in the state of meditation, where no thoughts from the past and future can bombard you. It is possible to feel deeply peaceful, strong and positive at all times- at work, at home, wherever you are, regardless of your circumstances- every single day of your life. Seriously, meditation has changed my life and as a token of gratitude, I would like to teach you.

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