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Revival des Handwerks


Immer wieder hat uns Shri Mataji ermahnt, die Handwerkskunst wertzuschätzen. Mehrmals hat sie betont, es sei besser einige wenige kunstvolle Gegenstände zu besitzen, anstatt vieles aus Plastik. Kunsthandwerk ist individuell und trägt Vibrationen. Nachfolgend ein Auszug aus einer Rede am 30.12.1992 in Kalwe (Indien) zum Thema Zusammenarbeit von Industrie und Kunsthandwerk. “Die Industrie muss mit dem Handwerk […]


Voices of Sahaja Yoga


Stories from real people practicing Sahaja as a way of life, as a method of meditation or just as a way to find some relief in this fast paced life. At a Quiet Courtyard in Ann Arbor Last week at one of our meetings in Ann Arbor, an attendee shared a beautiful story of how […]


On the right track

Metro- Larissa

India’s spirituality contributes to the growth of opera singer Larissa Rai Her Hindi can’t exactly put many of us to shame but the choice of words and the way she uses them impresses nevertheless. Russian Opera singer Larissa Rai, in fact, tries to speak in Hindi as much as possible and can’t fathom the fact […]


Quote on Divinity

“Divinity is not a fashion. It is the way of life. It is the need of your being. You have to become that.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Tweet Share


Asthma Treatment Through Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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